2010-12-16 @ 06:51:01
"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" yeah, that's true. I hope on the Christmas will be a lot of snow all around the world. Today I go to show a children my Christmas decoration. I enjoy spend time with them because they are so cute.
2010-12-08 @ 20:01:32
Hello! I have a lot of work with this Christmas- I've got a special invite to make a Christmas decorate. I love make a decorate but I don't like make it in huge interests. What about you? What you enjoy do at Christmas?
2010-12-01 @ 19:04:35
Hello. In the near future we will hear in the supermarkets song "Last Christmas" so christmas are near. " Santa Claus is coming to town". This is very happy time for me. "And I'm feeling good" :) And what about you? How much you like christmas and song which people around the world singing at this time?
Songs part3
2010-11-30 @ 17:30:25
Hello! How are you? I have a really crazy day. Tommorow would be able worst. But life is really good and beatiful- sometimes. My next favourite song is "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone". This song is very wonderful. :)
songs part2
2010-11-12 @ 19:51:17
Hi! My next of the best of song is "pack up". I love this song and when i hear this i think about swing. This is a very funny dance, which is very popular but my love is rumba, you know :).

Kisses for everyone!
2010-11-03 @ 22:15:47
Hello! How are you? I'm fine. I have a lot of free time this weekend and "I'm feeling good" :) This is the one of many sing which i like. And you? what's you're favourite song? my is "bones of love" :)
Some information
2010-10-28 @ 15:01:00
Hi! I have a lot of problems and I couldn't wrote something. So today I want do describe one dance. I love a rumba. This is one of latino dance. Rumba is a dance of love. It can be a slow or quick dance but the most important is expierence from this. I must go now. Ciao
2010-09-29 @ 18:29:15
My name is Klaudia. I'm sixteen years old. I'm from Poznań. I'm interesting in dance, decorating, actress, singing and a lot of different things. I'm think I'm good in english but I have problems with grammar.
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