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Glock - pistols designed and manufactured by the Austrian company GLOCK GmbH. the Deutsch-Wagram, founded in 1963 by Gaston Glock - a specialist in high-plastics (previously the company produced, among other things, umbrellas). In May 1980 the Austrian army announced a contest to develop a completely new model pistol. The competition could only stand the Austrian company. Within 6 months the company's design office developed a prototype of the pistol, which became a global hit and gained a reputation as "weapons of XXI century". In 1982 it was adopted (as P-80) to the arms of the Austrian army and police. Soon the gun was introduced to the Dutch army weapons, Norwegian and Swedish. On the basis of a pistol, a number of versions for various purposes, mainly differing in caliber ammunition used, the external dimensions and weight. By 2004, sold together, in 100 countries, around 2.5 million guns, of which approximately 250 000 - for the United States.

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