hia guys :D
2011-02-14 @ 22:43:22
Hi guys ! How's that going ?
I would like to wish you happy st. Valentine's, but :
a) it's 22:44 so this day is almost over
b) i don't think this day is so good idea, because if we love somebody we tell it to him/her every day, all the year, not just only one day per year.
So I wish you to live this week with energy guys.
See ya next time on my blog ! :)
People who think you're a forger if you're not... Yah, THEY are forgers.
2010-12-10 @ 20:43:09
I had a situation. My mom's got a chronic disease, which can be genetically determined. And I can be its next victim, what else, I have same symptoms as she had when she was in my age. So, I was going to the doctors, I had an EEG tests and some others, but of course I was leaving the lessons, 'cause the examinations were in school time. My tutor thought that I was writing my exemptions by myself, but they were of course written by my mom. So we decided to change a school... I like it, 'cause I was coming there to the primary ^^. Generally I think this situation had a positive impact :)
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