Plan your day!
2013-09-26 @ 16:59:01
Hi! Today I want to tell you about a really good tool to get your things done every day.

It's simple. Use an organizer (paper, electronic, it's up to you).
In your organizer create list of things to-do for each day.
Thanks to that, you will finish tasks faster and better.
Don't believe? Just check it.
Create list to-do in the evening. When you get up, you will see the list and you will have the opportunity to start work without any hesitation what you really should do this day.

I can also recommend you a good online tool - . But programms for to-do list you can find everywhere! There are lots of them in the internet.

Stay organized.
Set your personal goals on paper!
2013-09-25 @ 20:04:16
As I wrote in my last note, in this blog I will mostly write about personal development.

Today, it's time for the first lesson for you from this field.

My advice sounds: set your personal goals on paper.

Firstly, you should find your personal goals on life if you haven't done it yet. It's really really important if you want to be successful in life.
How to do that?
Let's think about your life in 10 years. What do you want to have? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? Create your dreamable life!

Then, create plan to gain this life. Now, you have to change dreams into goals. Decide what you want to gain in 5 years, then in 3 years and during the next year.
Write it down on paper!

Now, if you have the list of your goals, let's focus on goals for the next year. Decide what you want to do in the first half of year and during each month.

Then, each month part into weeks and.. days.
Let's create to-do list for every day based on your year goals!

This way you will gain all goals faster and better.

Why do I recommend you this method?

I started to create my plans about 3 years ago (when I started my study period). I'd really done a lot of amazing things! E.g. I went abroad for Erasmus programme, I joined AIESEC organisation, visited 8 countries, achieve good internship and passed hard exams for master degree. But there were more things I've done.

So... let's take a piece of paper. Imagine your perfect life and set goals. I am sure your life will be better. It will be also huge motivation for you to wake up every day in the morning.
Welcome world
2013-09-25 @ 19:38:19
Hello everyone!

Why blog?
Well, I am 22 year's old and I still don't use English as good as I want to use. Especially, lots of problems with speaking.
I decided to do something with it. This blog is the first tool to improve my English.

I will write mostly about personal development, because it's one of my hobby and I can share some ideas, topics with you!

This is english blog. User writes in english. If you would like to have blog like this, you can register your own for free.
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