2009-05-05 @ 22:27:23
Hello, everyone if anyone is there, but to be honest -I don't mind ;p
A few months ago I've started to read "The Witcher: Last Wish"(in english, i know that this is so stupid, if I am reading polish books in english, but I got this book on my birthday from my older brother). As far, I've red only 50 pages;/ this is making me wonder, how lazy am I? ;] After all, I think this "english blog" will help me to reach higher and higher on the ladders of english language. At first, I must become more systematic ... if this blog survive one month, at least, surely will help me.

It will survive longer, I think. It's not possible to delete this. Or I don;t know how to do this:)

It's not so stupid to read English books. You can learn in this way:)
Good luck
I also lack in systematic but somehow I appear here from time to time. I don't treat it as a duty, maybe that's the reason.

Anyways, welcome :)

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