Wanna make someone sit up and take notice?
2008-05-18 @ 12:56:51
Nice shoes huh? Not typical. Most of us r typical. Cause of presure by our peer groups. For sure I'm not typical. Ofc I do care wat ppl think bout me, but I dont wanna be under their pressure. Don't think I'm an idiot or something cause I'm not:) Just not everytime I care wat ppl will say bout me, sometimes I wanna do something different. Ima showstopper so ppl can think I'm selfish. But no - I'm not. I just like when ppl talk bout me n I'm in the centre of attention.
I've got a friend. We've got lots of similarities n differences, but she is under ppl's pressure. She won't do something dat other ppl won't do. She's not wearing wat she want to, she's wearing clothes which r casual not original.
R u like me or like my friend?
Wat do u think: ppl should be under other ppl's pressure or do wat they want?http://www.owenslawoffice.com/Graphics/untypical2.gif
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