2009-12-16 @ 09:03:14
2009-12-16 @ 08:59:21
I and my friends want do football team. We have 8 players,but I hope that will be more. If you want play, join to us.
I do not know
2009-10-20 @ 22:16:37
Todday I played in volleyball with other school. We lose 3:0. But they were very good. We fighted to end, but they was better. I hope that we win next match with 8 in next tueseday.
2009-10-06 @ 14:42:33
2009-10-06 @ 14:41:03
Hi. Today I was with my friends on spaghetti in Picolo restaurant. I make new girl!!!! She is so beautiful. She has long, black hair, small nose. She is slim. Her character is perfect for me and she go with my to highschool in Poznań. Meybe I fall in love??? But only meaby.
This is gooooooood music.
2009-09-28 @ 16:57:35
2009-09-28 @ 16:53:40
Hello everyone. Today I am so tired, because I had three mathematics. My mum is in work and my dad also. I have free home, but I must learn on german on test. So what can I say more? Everybody Winogrady. Regards for Majster i Zola. TUUUUUUUUUBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-09-20 @ 19:13:38
Hi. My name is Arkadiusz Grześkowiak. I am sixteen years old. I very like play football and basketball. My favorite colors are green and black. I also like trainig on gym with my friends.
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