Cheereleders ... ;-)
2008-02-16 @ 15:06:02
I'm writing you something about kind of sport, cheerledering. Lots of people think it is stupid to be a cheer, but they don't know what it is. Everybody know cheers, as 'stupid girls, who want look like barbie'. They are said to be unpleasent and rude. But it isn't a true! Cheerleders it is SPORT ! That girs tranin hard every day and they want being perfect. ;-) They have got plans and dreams, they can purse a goal. Cheers are fantastic girls, who love fun! They play togather, they are friens.Dancing is their way to spent free time. And they are relly good in dance ;P

Girlfrend xD
2008-02-16 @ 11:12:33
Can you help me ?
2008-02-15 @ 19:43:36
I don't know how change this picture which is in top of my blog (there is wrote 'TWOJE LOGO, ZALOGUJ SIĘ I ZMIEŃ')... can somebody tell me HOW I SHOULD DO IT ?!?!?! pls. xD

Lots of love,
Yours Anna ;**
At the beginning ... xD
2008-02-15 @ 19:38:09
I am not going to write here very very boring things, as 'tomorrow I have go to school' 'ohhh, I have got so much homework, help me :(' 'last week I was in Spała city and I meet voleybollers of Polish Team, stars of Athletics and Korona Kielce team' ... I would like this blog to be amazing (as amazing as I am xD) ... I know, that my life is not boring, 'cause I do lots of very intresting things, but I don't like to write about it, because I know you aren't intrested in it ... :P:P:P so ... I hope you'll like my blog and you'll often visit it and -of course- you'll comments my posts !!!!

BOG, BIG KISSES xD <33333.
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