hey :)
2012-02-21 @ 13:51:02
hm weather here ... about 5 degrees. well it does not rain, because after 14 I have run through the park with Christopher 6 kilometers. I'm happy because little can explore, because with my mother and Little Mary (her daughter), we can not go too long because you may catch a cold: (so I can not wait for the summer, can I invite my mother again

plisss write :)
something about me
2012-02-20 @ 15:04:29
I'm Sara. I am 16 years old. I'm Polish, but now when I have a winter holiday in England I live with my mother. Here is great, but a little dangerous. Is a great selection of clothes, shoes, jewelry, that as many as you can not decide. I have so many things that I probably did not they bring everything to the Polish, because I can not fit in the luggage :(
I was where most of all!

Please comment :)
Greetings from Leicester :)
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