me again :)
2011-05-20 @ 19:21:02
Weekend! Finally! I am going to do everything what i want to! I am going to do all my homeworks today and have a lot of free time for myself. I can;t wait for holidays. I have to go and write my chemistry homework. Take care!
good afternoon.
2011-05-13 @ 15:11:09
I am not in a good mood today. I get "1" on IT and i am worried about my note. I hope I will improve it and everything will be ok. I don't have any plans for a weekend so probably, I will be staying at home and tidying up or doing my homework. I need somebody to tell me "don't bother!". I can't wait for June.
Take care. Smile!
school again
2011-04-27 @ 19:14:37
I had some days free, but today I have been at school. We were in the cinema but that was boring and I feel asleep. I can't think at school because It is a summer time for me already! Fortunatelly, I think our teachers have the same feeling ;) I hope vacations will be soon.
2011-04-21 @ 21:36:22
Happy Easter everyone! I wish you a lot of sweets and chocolate eggs for those days! A weather is sooo beautiful! I'v been in a park with my friends today and I had a lot of fun! We were taking photos and walking catching the sunlight :) I have a meeting tomorrow so I have to go to prepare myself ;) Take care!
Hello :)
2011-04-15 @ 19:47:39
This week was hard but We have some free days now. Finally. I couldn't wait for today ;) I am going to a party tomorrow but first I have to buy a new dress. I think shopping with my friend is a great idea to make me smile.
I have been dreaming about a journey to New York my whole life and I really want to go there, but for now I can only listen to this song:
2011-04-10 @ 00:42:11
This week has been hard but finally, we have Sunday! We still have our weekend ;) I have been working today, but I really don't like it. My legs hurts! I have been standing for 8 hours today. I am tired and i am dreaming about my bed so i am saying goodnight! :)
2011-03-31 @ 18:21:54
The weather is awesome! Today has been a little rainy but there has been a sun too. Me and my class were at the University of Economics so we hadn't got any lessons. Tomorrow I have my maths test so I have to go and learn for that. I hope I will pass it.
2011-03-24 @ 17:53:28
I have a really nice day :) I was in school not so long and I had a nice english lesson. My friend has her 17's birthday today and we were at Pizza Hut together.
The weather is quite warm so i have a lot of new energy.
This song also makes me smile :
2011-03-16 @ 20:33:59
I think I have a losing streak. I have been getting some bad marks today. Tomorrow won't be better. I think I should stop being so nervous because of that. It doesn't help. I'll change my school in second class so it will be much better :) Have a nice week! :)
Hello. :)
2011-02-24 @ 16:42:21
This week was hard. I want to have a weekend. We have so much to do for tomorrow chemistry lesson. I don't have time to learn englisch because of chemistry. It makes me angry.
Have a nice day! :)
2011-02-16 @ 17:24:33
Hello everyone!
In Italy was really great! I was skiing every day! I had a pain in my legs but it was gone after a few days. I have met some people and they were very nice. We had a dancing night sometimes and it was amazing :) I will never forget this journey.
But since Monday I have school again and my good mood went away. My school is reallu stressful. I don't like it. I hope it is caused because of the end of winter break.
Wednesday again.
2011-01-26 @ 22:41:00
So : I'm sitting in my room, I'm drinking a really big cup of tea with raspberries. The best evening ever. ;) Today was hard, because we've had a chemistry test, but i'm trying to don't think abut it. We have only two days and then, will be the winter break! I just can't wait! I'm going to Italy for ski on Friday :) I hope i won't break my legs!
2011-01-20 @ 20:44:33
This week i soooo long! Today is Thursday but I feel like it would be after hard Friday. I was on my school's prom last Friday ;) I think it was really great. I can't wait for our winter break. But this is only one week to handle. I think i can do it. Just wish me luck on Friday's chemistry lesson.
Winter, winter, winter.
2010-12-15 @ 22:10:26
The weather outside is soooo cold! I think they should close my school ;) But we have only 4 days learning so it won't be a big problem to handle it. I don't know what i should buy for my family for Christmas. I have no money and no idea. Great. Goodnight.
Two weeks and... Christmas!!!
2010-12-08 @ 17:14:50
I have had a horrible day. I'm off. I hate Wednesdays and Fridays because i have 8 lessons. I can't wait for Christmas. Fortunately, it is only two weeks! Maybe Santa Claus will give me some presents ;) I'm already listening christmas songs. I hope my teachers also feel this mood and they will be nice ;)
Me again :)
2010-12-01 @ 21:25:35
I think I've got a cold and a really hard sore throat, but I'll go to school to tomorrow because I have two tests! The weather makes me lazy and sad. Here is a lot of snow and the teperature is about -10 C! In my school is cold too. I hope it will be better tomorrow. I haven't been to school today because I've been at the funeral.
2010-11-24 @ 22:12:50
Today is my birthday! I have my sweet 16 ;) My family was in my home very long so i didn't have time for my homework. I am going to di it right now, but i can' do some things. I hope i will do it quickly. Today i can see some snow! First snow in this year!
Me again ;)
2010-11-17 @ 18:54:02
We had 4 free days! Finally I could do what I wanted to. The weather is quite warm for November, but I think It is dark all the time! Today, I had eight lessons in school... I'll have Englishs test tomorrow. I don't know anything for now so I am going to learn something. I think I just know it without any learning.
The last day of our heaven. ;)
2010-11-03 @ 20:41:06
We had 5 days without school and now I have to do my homework. I hate it. But it will be only 2 days, and then will be weekend! Me and my family were on a cementary and we met a lot of kin there. Today I made big pizza for my family! It was delicious!
2010-10-27 @ 19:45:08
This week was :
First: veeeery boring
Second: really fatiguing
I just can't wait for Saturday. Today I have strong headache and i'm thinking only about sleeping. Today, after my school I have waited for a bus for 30 minutes! Finally I was in home at 5 pm. It is really bad day.
Good evening!
2010-10-20 @ 23:12:23
I really don't like this week! Seriously, it is awful. It rains over and over again and i have to wear my winter shoes. Today, I had a test. It was quite easy, but I still don't understand some exercises. Tommorow, I have another test on IT. I hope it will be ok :)
Hello everyone!
2010-10-06 @ 17:44:24
This week was very stressful. I had match test and a lot of things to do at home but I was buying tickets for my favourite band's concert! I belive I'll have much fun there!
Today's weather is making me upset. I really hate cold weather. Bye for now!
2010-09-29 @ 20:18:02
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