Everything and nothing.
2010-12-14 @ 21:13:04
Yes. I know, I know. I have not written a long time. Maybe I would have to explain, but it makes no sense. I forgot, I had other things on my mind, but no well. The laziness the end and I promise that Since today I will regularly wrote. For sure :-)
What's going on with me ...
Well, not the best. The end of the semester. That should explain everything. Tests, term papers, credits. I come back to home very late becouse I've got a lot of additionals classes. I'm tired, I haven't got time for anything and every day I dream only about lay on the bed and fall asleep.
But fortunately are holidays soon:D Weather, snow around, white everywhere and Christmas songs like "Last Christmas" by Wham, "Let it snow " by Dean Martin or "Christmas Time" by Cliff Richards improve my mood:D
This festive accent I finish my today's note.
See you soon!:P
PS. I got today 4 with test on the physics!:P The second! I've got a chance to have four on the end of semester!
How a good day today!:P
everyhing & nothing
2010-09-30 @ 22:59:54
I'm Anna-Maria. I know. That so stange name. But this is not my fault. My parents had a unusual fantasy that is incomprehensible to me. Which probably I will never understand. Okey. I arleady finish my contemplation of my unnormal name, which I hate.
Wel it's Thursday. I'm sick of it all! I'm tired all week, science, science, and science once again. Now I'm sitting on the windowsill in my room, I look at the starry sky and when I give myself the pleasure of a book and hot tea in the lead role. I don't want to interrupt this moment. Although it's one thing that gives me the strength to stand up strongly tomorrow at 5:30 and go back to school - a long awaited Friday. I already can not wait!.
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