One person and only 7 words.
2012-07-20 @ 12:08:17
How to describe myself in few words ?
Let's try to do it

I'm 22 so the first word is YOUNG < not so young but still without wrinkles :D >
2ed - Fall in love in ART . Really i think that ART is my the biggest love . Some of my friends say that i have artistic soul . I love photography,drawing and everything which is connecting with ART .
3th Crazy chemist xD cuz i study chemistry - this is my the second love .
4th Full of color.
5th Strong cuz i don't like give up too fast and usually i don't do it .
6th DREAMER ..before breakfast i like to think about 7 impossible things :D
7th Is SMILE cuz i think that the smile really helps . I don't say i'm always smile or i'm always optimist... NO i'm not but i'm trying :D
and how would you describe yourself using only 7 words ? i'm really curiously so try to do it in comments :D it can be inspiring and funny
At the beginning of my blogging life
2012-07-20 @ 11:38:20
Hey :D

In the beginning you should to know i'm a beginner if it goes about blog writting and all this stuff so please bare it in mind when you start reading my blog:)
Now it's time to say 'what can you find in my blog?'. In big short this website will be about everything & nothing :p .But seriously i'll write about things which make up my life /inspire me -like photohgraphy which i lov ,art,travels,food, music,fashion. At the moment I can't say anything more than : Have a nice reading!
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