2010-10-24 @ 14:56:27
On Friday evening my friends viesited me. Later Tadzik come up (he is stupid but funny) and we laughed all the time. Then my evening was still boring cause I stayed alone, I watched film which wasn't good as I expect. Saturday and Sunday was boring.
Tomorrow I'm writeing a biology test and I'm a little bit nervous. (Propably I make a lot of mistake so I'm sorry:D)
2010-10-18 @ 18:45:14
My weekend was boring. Today was a boring day and I'm bored now:D
2010-10-14 @ 20:36:22
I don't like writing blog, but I must. It's my homework. I guess I'm stupid cause I don't understand physics. This subject makes me crazy and I don't like german either, another subject which makes me crazy. I'm miffed now.
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