2010-12-12 @ 18:32:22
Yesterday I started doing my webside. I know its late but I don't care. I'm sure I'll do it on time. I can't wait holidays I just can't! I'm very happy cause I'm going on party in next weekend. Chill kill me again:D
2010-12-09 @ 19:24:56
I hate germany I wrote about it before. My day was boring, nothing intresting. Now I'm learning germany which i hate.. and I just wanna say that I love my new sweater. Pyt (my friend) has birthday today and I didn't see her. I've got cool present for her!
long weekend
2010-11-12 @ 15:22:32
hey guys!
So the weekend has begun and finally I can think not only about school . In fact I don't have any plans for spending my FOUR free days. I think I will just hang around with friends and have fun. Yesterday we went to the centre of the city to see the most boring concert in my life. Then we ate some junk food in McDonald's and..yeah I think that's all from my EXCITING life.
2010-10-24 @ 14:56:27
On Friday evening my friends viesited me. Later Tadzik come up (he is stupid but funny) and we laughed all the time. Then my evening was still boring cause I stayed alone, I watched film which wasn't good as I expect. Saturday and Sunday was boring.
Tomorrow I'm writeing a biology test and I'm a little bit nervous. (Propably I make a lot of mistake so I'm sorry:D)
2010-10-18 @ 18:45:14
My weekend was boring. Today was a boring day and I'm bored now:D
2010-10-14 @ 20:36:22
I don't like writing blog, but I must. It's my homework. I guess I'm stupid cause I don't understand physics. This subject makes me crazy and I don't like german either, another subject which makes me crazy. I'm miffed now.
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