"The Butterfly Effect"
2007-04-30 @ 10:02:28
On Saturday I watched "The Butterfly Effect" and I must say I was impressed. It's suprising that it doesn't won any awards.

If someone hasn't watched this film I'll summarise it.

The plot of the film focuses on Evan. He suffers from memory loss. It mainly causes when he experiences some traumatic events. He doesn't know what happened.

After few years during reading his diary he discover he can travel to past. He can also change the future. As best as he can he tries to help his friends, his mum and himself to change their lifes to better. After some trials he noticed he must make a hard decission which will change not only hs and his closest lifes but also the person who he loves.

The film shows us how important influence have our events from childhood.

Despite I don't like Ashton Kutcher, who stars in this Film, I thruoghly recomment it. You must see it :)

I like this movie too ;)
Yes, I also heard about this film but I didn't see it. I must do it quickly:) What other films are good? Can you recommend me?

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