2007-05-08 @ 15:19:13
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continuing of Matura Exam...

yesterday English, today Learning about Society and on Thursday Geography...

I hope that everything will be OK :)

see u soon
it's just a begining...
2007-05-05 @ 22:09:43
I'm after Matura exam of Polish. To this time I don't know how could I choose extended level :(

but it's just beginning... :(

I'm not afraid of English, Geography and Learning about Society, but presentation...

I've chosen a "language of advertisments". On the first view it ois great topic. Yeah, only he firt view...

but I don't care...

listen to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hqu0xtN-yc
"The Jacket"
2007-05-01 @ 20:04:45
to Ola2681:

I recommend you "The Jacket" with Adrien Brody. The film tells a story of soldier -Jack Starks. He sufers from amnesia. He is unrightly prosecuted of a morder. He is send for enforced treating in a nuthouse. And during stay there he discovers he can travel to the future. During this travels he tries to find a girl who he met in past. She can help he change the future.

"The Butterfly Effect"
2007-04-30 @ 10:02:28
On Saturday I watched "The Butterfly Effect" and I must say I was impressed. It's suprising that it doesn't won any awards.

If someone hasn't watched this film I'll summarise it.

The plot of the film focuses on Evan. He suffers from memory loss. It mainly causes when he experiences some traumatic events. He doesn't know what happened.

After few years during reading his diary he discover he can travel to past. He can also change the future. As best as he can he tries to help his friends, his mum and himself to change their lifes to better. After some trials he noticed he must make a hard decission which will change not only hs and his closest lifes but also the person who he loves.

The film shows us how important influence have our events from childhood.

Despite I don't like Ashton Kutcher, who stars in this Film, I thruoghly recomment it. You must see it :)
2007-04-28 @ 16:59:22
today I've changed colours. I feel it's better now.

It'll be the harder week in my life. I need a support. On these exams depends my whole life. It's a too big overload.

But generally I don't give up. I think that everything is behind me. And all things what will hapened to me I'll swallow. I hope...:)

I'm sure that all my dreams and targets won't come true.
everything is going to end
2007-04-26 @ 16:04:50
I'm a schoolleaver. I graduated High School. And today I start my 4 month holidays :)

May will be a bit stressed month. Matura Exam, you know...

And, if everything goes right for 4 months I'll be a student of University, I hope...
a song...
2007-04-25 @ 12:25:16
today I'm cureing with thi song. yeah, my heart's broken in two halves:


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2007-04-23 @ 18:57:14
I just want to say that since weekend nothing changed. I have a nasty mood :(

Nothing has a sense.

But for troubles the best way is work.

see U
2007-04-22 @ 11:41:19
Paolo Coelhio wrote in "The Pilgrim" that the downfall from 1st floor has this same efect as from 30th.

Now I feel like I'm falling down from 200th floor.

Few days ago I was soooo happy and now I'm in bottom. Sometimes one message can make that your whole life can collapse in one moment. And this is that moment...

see you soon /I hope... :(/
Euro 2012!!!!!!!!!!
2007-04-18 @ 12:38:13
I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... I can't belive... and one more I CAN'T BELIEVE!!!

C:\Moje dokumenty\ANIA\avatary\Soccer-Ball.jpg
I start saving money :)

I'm so HAPPY!!!!

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