"I cry, when angels deserve to die..."
2011-04-30 @ 13:07:45
I think, that sometimes I should to put on strong sounds.

After Easter
2011-04-26 @ 11:45:07
I spent all feasts at my grandma in Gniezno. I lived there once. In my favourite church, to which I come back with big pleasure, new organist began work. He is my friend from old years. I love him voice! I am totally enchanted. I wish everybody so beautiful artistic impressions, which I had to survive occasion into past feasts.

I don't have none recording from church unfortunately. So I put in "Hallelujah". I think, that I will stay in church climate. For me it's the best version in all Internet.

Sing ( in order ): Espen Lind(on guitar), Kurt Nilsen, Alejandro Fuentes, Askil Holm. Realization comes from concert rout "The New Friends Guitar".
No comment.
2011-04-19 @ 18:17:06
Worst truth is better than lie.

I like it ^^
2011-04-17 @ 13:43:33
"...before I kill you"
2011-04-08 @ 23:22:50

This is sad song, but I like it. I like a lot of such songs. I was feelling today wondrfully. I adore days, such as this.

I love you Sz. ;*
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