Toto "Africa"
2011-03-29 @ 22:07:27

It's fantastic song, but I think that Halinka Mlynkova had great idea on show and this is better version than version from 80's. I wish you nice listening ;)

"I have nothing if I don't have you..."
2011-03-26 @ 15:17:40
My first date ^^
2011-03-19 @ 22:33:32

Maybe it impossible, but today I was on first date with boy who is my boyfriend from about four months. It's amazing that can be in life so wonderfully. I wish you, everybody, so beautiful love as I have :) I love you darling ;*
2011-03-13 @ 17:46:30
I hate time, when I must think about all! Sometimes I would want can think about anything. But not... This would be for large happiness.

Journey to Woodys' world.
2011-03-12 @ 22:02:01
"You don't cricitize masturbation! This is sex with someone who I love."

Woody Allen - genius ^^
" with me, make me sway."
2011-03-06 @ 16:25:48
Recently I don't know what to write, so still I will bore music ;)
I love dancing. This song is fantastic for me and my cha-cha-cha ^^

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