John Lennon
2010-11-26 @ 23:31:58
John Lennon was born in Liverpool in October 1940. In 1957 he met Paul MacCartney. Paul joined John's group, The Quarrymen, and they started writing songs together.
In 1960 John and Paul formed a new group with George Harrison. They called the group The Beatles. Later Ringo Starr joined them as the drummer.
They recorded their first record, 'Love Me Do', in 1962. After that The Beatles had hit after hit and they became the most successful group ever. John and Paul wrote almost all off their songs. They completely changed pop music.
In 1969 John married the Japanese artist, Yoko Ono, and three years later The Beatles broke up. John continued to write and record songs, including his most famous song, 'Imagine'. John and Yoko lived in New York. There in December 1980, John was shot by Mark Chapman. He died later in hospital.

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