Sweet dreams
2010-11-13 @ 15:46:03
Every night when you fall asleep, you enter a strange world, somewhere where anything is possible - animals talk and people can fly. It's the world of dreams. Everybody dreams every night, but we don't dream for all of the night. In a normal night we have four or five periods of dreaming. They last about one or two hours altogether. Sometimes when we wake up, we remember nothing about our dreams. We usually only remember them if we wake up while we're actually dreaming. And we forget dreams very quickly. Why do we dream? Nobody knows. Most scientists believe that you dream because your brain is sorting out information. A lot of things happen in a normal day. While you're asleep, your brain looks at everything. It then puts some things into your memory and throws some things away. But some people believe that dreams can predict the future. Can we really see the future in our dreams? Sleep expert thinks that it's just coincidence.

Dreams. Maybe some day they will realize? ^^
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