2010-10-30 @ 20:29:22
The human brain is very powerful. The average adult human brain only weights about 1,4 kilograms, but it can hold much more information than most computers. However, there is another difference between humans and computers. Computers don't forget information they are given, but humans often do. No one remembers everything, and luckily we don't usually have to. But some people have a better memory than other people - or at least, some people can remember some things better than other people can. For example, Mozart once listened to a piece of music for the first time and then he immediately sat down at the piano and played it perfectly from memory. But his memory wasn't good in other ways - his wife often had to remind him what day it was.
Jeans - true story
2010-10-23 @ 16:24:15
Levi Strauss was the man who invented jeans. Levi Strauss was born in Germany in 1829, but went to the USA as a young man. At first he lived in New York, but in 1853 he moved to San Francisco, where he worked with his brother. They worked in a shop selling clothes to men who were loking for gold in the California Gold Rush. The men were working very hard in difficult conditions and they needed very strong trousers.
Strauss was the first man to begin producing special, strong troursers. He made these trousers from a fabric called 'denim' - this fabric probably came from a town called Nimes in France. Later, Strauss added special metal buttons to the trousers to make them even better and they immediately became very popular.
Today, there are many different styles of jeans: straight, baggy, flared, low-waisted - almost any style you can imagine.
Milions of people wear jeans to go to work in offices, as well as to go out. Jeans are as popular today as they ever were, but there is one thing no one is really sure about - why are they called 'jeans'...?
American Schools
2010-10-16 @ 16:59:00
When American students return to school in September, they celebrate Homecoming. It's a celebration about American football. The tradition comes from American universities. Every year, the universities ask old students to 'come home' to watch a football game. Today Homecoming is important in schools, too. The main event is a big fooball game that everybody watches. In American football the players wear shoulder pads and helmets and they can run with the ball in their hands. The game has four quarters, which are 15 minutes long. Cheerleaders support the teams. Apart from the match, there are parades, competitions and marching bands. There is also a Homecoming dance, when the students choose the Homecoming king and queen.
2010-10-11 @ 22:31:39
Hollywood is the home of many American actors, actresses and fil-makers. They live in big houses and go to glamorous parties and film premieres. But life in Hollywood istn't glamorous for everyone. Many young people come to Hollywood every year because they want to be famous. Most of them work in shops or restaurants, but some of them can't find jobs and have to go home - or live on the street. Life is difficult for many young people in Hollywood.

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