Smoething diffrent from Opole'11
2011-06-12 @ 12:13:10
2011-06-02 @ 21:45:21
I love You!
"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone"
2011-05-30 @ 20:14:00
My new love...
2011-05-26 @ 16:55:20
...Cracow! And song from free time over Wisła.

2011-05-17 @ 14:31:29
I come out tomorrow. Trip to beautiful city in Poland - Cracow welcomes and greets. I wait impatiently. Meanwhile I have to pack meanwhile.

See you later.
...because life can be wonderful.
2011-05-14 @ 21:25:04
Already almost 6 months together. I love him very much. Beautiful time in my life ;*

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