Bloodhound POLISH
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One of the breeds of hounds. Hunting dog.
Bloodhound is a dog calm, balanced, and as other breeds developed to hunt in a group, very friendly. I need contact with the man.
Just like any other hound, hound likes the freedom of walking, often away from the owner. There is no tendency to vagrancy.

The amount of dogs from 1956 to 1965 cm
females from 1955 to 1960 cm
Weight of dogs from 1925 to 1932 kg
females from 1920 to 1926 kg
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One of the breeds of dogs, belonging to a group of Herding dogs, dogs classified section of the pastoral (sheep).
This breed is very well adapting to stay at home.
They are very intelligent dogs. They learn quickly.
The most striking feature of this breed is the coat. The hair is Crookedest sfilcowane strings resembling dreadlocks.
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This breed has been bred primarily for hunting foxes.
Characterized by courage, useful in search of animals that can wypłoszyć the burrows. Jammed in the hunt, especially in the group (they can even knock down wild boar).
This dog is known for its friendly disposition towards people.
Dogs of this breed are not very demanding in the maintenance and care.

The height from 25 to 30 cm
Mass of about 5 to 6 kg
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This race is the descendants of the ancient, similar, but slightly larger dog lived at the courts of the Aztec rulers, known as Techichi.
It is a companion dog;)
Courageous, intelligent, somewhat nervous, they can be stubborn and cheerful. Attach themselves to one owner, tolerant of other animals in the house.
Height approximately 25 cm
Mass 500 - 3000 g
Groenendael Belgian Shepherd Dog
2010-03-22 @ 19:44:57
Groenendael Belgian Shepherd Dog is one breed of dogs, belonging to the pastoral races.
The dog is very well suited for use in the dog sport tzw.Agility.Jest also a good dog tropiącym.
A dog of great temperament, energetic and exuberant. Requires constant contact with the owner, should not be left alone ...
Groenendael sheds twice a year, it is very abundant salivation. Dogs of this breed do not require special preparation for the exhibition.,0,1.jpg
Dogue de Bordeaux
2010-03-01 @ 22:15:31

It is one of the breeds of dogs, belonging to a group of dogs in the type of schnauzer and Pinscher, dog molosowatych, Swiss Cattle Dogs and other breeds. Classified section in the dog molosowatych type dogowatym.

Once the dog fighting and defense. Today it is a gentle family dog.
Today it is a gentle dog with a balanced character. He enjoys the company of children.

This race has become more popular in Poland thanks to advertising and serialowi "family replacement", where one of the characters is a dog breed Dogue de Bordeaux.

Height 60 - 68 cm (dogs),
58 - 66 cm (bitches)
Mass of 55 kg (dogs),
45 kg (bitches)

and a few photos;)
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One of the breeds of dogs, belonging to a group of hounds, Posokowców and races related to the classified section of hounds. Located in subsection large hounds.

Short hair. Rdzawobrązowe Color or black and reddish-brown. Accepted are small white spots on their tails, paws and chest. Dogs ointment deer must have clearly pigmented nose.
Dog with an extremely sensitive sense of smell and passion of prospecting, check first and foremost as a great ally of the police and emergency services, while not using it already for hunting, though successful in the competitions starts hunting for tropowców.

Dog St. Hubert is a shy, friendly, but the majesty of nature. Very attached to their Lord, and to strangers is rather reluctant.

Height 64 - 70 cm (the dog),
58 - 66 cm (u bitches)
Mass of about 48 - 54 kg (dog)
about 40 - 48 kg (bitches)

American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff)
2010-03-01 @ 22:04:40

One of the breeds of dogs, belonging to the terrier group, classified section in the type of bull terriers.
Coat: short hair, tight, hard to the touch and shiny.

Color: Limits all types of coat, uniform, color, and spotted, but uniformly white coat, with over 80% of the preponderance of white, black, brown and tan and liver does not recognize.
Amstaf a guard dog, but is also used as a companion dog.

American Staffordshire Terrier is a dynamic, courageous and energetic animal, hence it is a large need for movement. Its a very useful service life in the countryside, where he cleans the area of pests. This arrangement is a strong dog in subordinating it to the guide puppy. It has a tendency to "fights" because the initial purpose, so the puppies should be taught from the beginning of friendly relations with other dogs.,b8163b5991305880/amstaff1.jpg
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