New school, Travel and Exams ;)
2012-09-07 @ 20:57:36
Hello guys ;)
I'm sorry that I didn't write earlier but I have to going to school and I met with peoples from my class.
I met a lot of people in new school. And I think that I can say : I have a friend... One for sure... but will be more them ;) emm... My class is the best! (but I have hope that this class will be the best still - for 3 years ;P)
In this past week I had an exams in geography, english and in this week I will be have ... exam in math ;< I hope that it will be easy.
I'm in travel class. And in this year we will go to Great Britain. I'm very excited ;)
In Thursday I had this exam in English... and later she spoke to us English only. I had a stress, but It wasn't so bad...
Are you happy for your class?
Keep your fingers crossed for next week!! ;)
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