2010-12-30 @ 16:06:02
Maybe I'm stupid, but I really don't know how delete a post or delete blog..
Happy Christmas :)
2010-12-24 @ 16:51:33
I never really liked Christmas. When I was little I always ashamed of so many people and always sat quietly. I guess it was me today. Though now - when I'm older - I'm not ashamed of people, it will continue it all overwhelms me and I want to sleep all day.
Today I don't feel the magic that I felt as a small child. It's all been such a senseless, listening to carols makes me sad, and gifts ... The older I get the more they dislike. It may seem strange, but it is so.
But ... It's my belief:) For me, this time is an ideal time to think. You could say that this is becoming a year wiser.
I wish you all a healthy, happy and family Christmas.
love, angie :*
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