I leave school! Finally! :)
2013-04-23 @ 22:47:34
Oh, on Friday I will leaving high school and one week after I will starting matura exam.
Most important to me was leave school so I didn't learn any stuff for matura exam, and I'm a little bit scared of this exam.
One day I think that everything will be good, and next day everything is wrong for me and I think that I don't pass these exams. Eh, it's totally crazy time, but...
I'm still in a good mood, because I finished my high school!
I can get a job, move out from my parents with my boyfriend. I see many posibilities after leave school and passed this exam. It's amazing feeling! :)
2010-12-30 @ 16:06:02
Maybe I'm stupid, but I really don't know how delete a post or delete blog..
Happy Christmas :)
2010-12-24 @ 16:51:33
I never really liked Christmas. When I was little I always ashamed of so many people and always sat quietly. I guess it was me today. Though now - when I'm older - I'm not ashamed of people, it will continue it all overwhelms me and I want to sleep all day.
Today I don't feel the magic that I felt as a small child. It's all been such a senseless, listening to carols makes me sad, and gifts ... The older I get the more they dislike. It may seem strange, but it is so.
But ... It's my belief:) For me, this time is an ideal time to think. You could say that this is becoming a year wiser.
I wish you all a healthy, happy and family Christmas.
love, angie :*
I'm back.
2010-11-21 @ 15:39:46
Hi everybody ;)
How gone first months in school?
With me is wrong... I've got very very VERY bad marks... I totally naglected school and now I've got a problem - I probably don't include the semestr of math, polish and chemistry. If not I will take the science, it will be bad...
I want to become independent. I don't know how I do that, but I must. My parents will not keep me. My mother in anger tells me to move out. I told her I would do it when I finish eighteen years old. But how to do it? It's impossible...

By the way - can you told me, how delete a post?
I give up.
2010-07-23 @ 00:39:38
Huh I give up. And 2 girls too. Actually was only two girls, but vidthe video will be ok. Cameraman was nice and funny. He joked the whole time, no stress. In general, the atmosphere on set was good. Video would probably be ready for Tuesday. I want to see it! The girls were in it which are really nice and cool. Who normally gets up in the holidays at 7 am and goes on a plan with a headache and hangover? Of course, angie. I don't sleep for 18 hours and 16 hours I didn't have anything in my mouth except water and a small yogurt at morning. But later was a grill. mniam ^^ I'd like to be a producer or operator of. Cool job. I love meet new people. I was angry at my friend. Sometimes behaved as if nobody knows who she was and she could me mixed with mud :| But later was ok. Ugh bed bed bed! I LOVE MY BED!
it's today it's today ^^
2010-07-22 @ 00:15:39
OMG It's already today! I must wake up at 7:00 o'clock! >.<
Hahaha I hope it will be fine. If it won't I give up, no problem ^^
Hii :D I'm happy.

Yesterday was a party at the Conrad. What happened there is just breaking (but funny).
funny ^^
2010-07-20 @ 13:52:10
Yesterday I met with my friends. Maciek was drunk and he doing various fun things. We danced, were drinking & doing photos, and recording videos. It was funny ^^ Me and Aga made boy a contest. They were blindfolded and had to guess what is done with the drink. Then they (unfortunately) vengeance on us.

I was offered to appear in the video .. disco polo hahahaha. Yesterday Magda showed us clothes, she did us make-up and said how the video is supposed to look. In thursday we are to record video. My mom told me to go and try, but I'm too ugly. When I speak this my mother is nervous (but it's true). But I go, because I know that if I don't go I will regret.. I can't believe what I'm doing! hahaha
Life is always beautiful! I think today I'm too optimist ^^
2010-07-18 @ 17:41:54
Dad bought a mate for dancing. Hiii ^ I was dancing with my sister. It was funny.
Yesterday (actually today) I went to bed about 5 am, because I spoke with my friend. We have written very stupid things ^^
I was loud laugh, and woke up my mother. (I don't know how I can write this right :( Could you write me?)
I was slepping to 11. It's cold! Yeah! It might be the whole time.

I found somewhere a note where someone wrote that life is beautiful today, but tomorrow can be awful. I do not agree with that. Life is always beautiful, and nothing can change it! With this approach is easier in life.
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