2012-01-31 @ 16:10:10
What's terrible day?! wtf -.-
I took 3 exams today :O And I m gng to private english at 6pm else. eh ... It s only Tuesday and I am tired o.O omg.
ask for you
2012-01-26 @ 15:11:21
Hey guys,
I m havin question for you..
Is always silence here? Doesn t nobody comment your notes ect.?

I have been here for short time and I d know it very good , but I can see ... Tooooo saaaaad!
Arabic teacher...
2012-01-24 @ 14:46:41
today I met arabic teacher. She is professor of arabic university xd Of c I saw her on skype.
I m talking with Houcem now.
Teachers wear dark glasses there. That s why u can say it s high teacher ;] She said hi for me and that im beautiful haha omg.. xD i m so happy lol xD

I love my grand mom!
2012-01-21 @ 13:05:46
Today is important day for our grand moms.
Don t forget about wishes for them!

My one grand mom is on hospital. I hope she will be ok soon :)
And my second g mom... Hm. I m not close with her.

Anyway remember about ur granny!
Good bye my grand dad :( [*]
2012-01-19 @ 21:37:59
I was on funeral of my grand dad today..
In fact, he wasn t my real g dad, but he was my granny's second husband...

'Be hurry to love people. They go so fast.'

2012-01-18 @ 11:15:25
I failed my exam of driving of licence :(
I haven t power ... It was my 6 times.
I m stupid ;( SHIT!
PROM! And winter break xD
2012-01-14 @ 21:09:06
I m gng to prom 2rw.
I wanna enjoy so much xD
How we can say in polish 'studniówka' ..
I m dng my nails now. I m wearing green grown.
I m gng to hairdress at 11 am trw. I d know what i wanna do with ma hairs... Hmmmm

Yesterday I was on cabaret 'Ani Mru Mru'...
It was so gr8 !!!!!!!!

I m starting my winter break xD
Hm... But I must start to write essay on my finally exam of polish :( MATURA ...

<< Don t worry! Be happy!'
Some words about my friend from Africa;] HELP!
2012-01-08 @ 14:14:47
He is 22 years old.. From Algeria;]
We have met on skype 2 years ago.
We talk everyday;] He is so funny.
I m interested in Arabic culture, Islam, people thr. I love his family. They r so cool. Sometimes I talk with them bc I study arabic a little. Yea... mr H. teaches me arabic xd it s so funny xd haha . I know it s not normal... felt in love through net... but... I did ;<
H. wanna come to me on December. He got visa to Poland. But I m not sure I wanna he came ...

U know how people say about arabic people... specially ab arabic men... I d know ;<

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