Hard day
2012-02-21 @ 20:47:33
Hard day... without power... heck!
I had 7 lessons today. I was on optional English at 6pm.. My tutor made me somewhat exhausted! xD
He is realy so funny! My English was made around word : ' weed ' xD I was translating a text and ... suddenly I did long pause when I saw word : ' weed' ...
In my mind I was imagining story about it.. But not important..

Get back to topic!
So I did this pause ... And my tutor called: 'Angelika, wtf! Don t u know based word like ' weed' ?!!!! I don t do believe! Hey, girl. C'mon. You know.. it s green, cool, great, wonderful, so gooooooood! OMG!'
You don t know how I looked at my tutor! What?! He used to smoke weed ! Or He is used to smoking?! OMG xD I will not forget this world to the end of my life xD

fantastic story
haha you rasta girl

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