Hard day
2012-02-21 @ 20:47:33
Hard day... without power... heck!
I had 7 lessons today. I was on optional English at 6pm.. My tutor made me somewhat exhausted! xD
He is realy so funny! My English was made around word : ' weed ' xD I was translating a text and ... suddenly I did long pause when I saw word : ' weed' ...
In my mind I was imagining story about it.. But not important..

Get back to topic!
So I did this pause ... And my tutor called: 'Angelika, wtf! Don t u know based word like ' weed' ?!!!! I don t do believe! Hey, girl. C'mon. You know.. it s green, cool, great, wonderful, so gooooooood! OMG!'
You don t know how I looked at my tutor! What?! He used to smoke weed ! Or He is used to smoking?! OMG xD I will not forget this world to the end of my life xD
Festival of knowledge
2012-02-17 @ 16:54:28
I was on festival of knowledge today.
What more, it was festival of astronomy ;)
It was gr8! I love astronomy. It s my hobby xD
Anyway, we got telescope as a prize :)
Coz from our school were about 150 students xD

Professor said to us about his travel to Mexico for see esciple of sun xD So wonderful!
The Fat Thursday!
2012-02-16 @ 14:53:11
Welcome you in this sweety day :D

How many dunats have you eaten?! xD
The best wishes for you ;)
2012-02-14 @ 14:36:19
Today is Saint Valentine's Day :)
I don t care about this day but I would like wish you a lot of love, kisses and huges, not only in this day but for whole year! :)

If I....
2012-02-13 @ 21:14:30
If i had british accent I would never shut up! xD

You 2? :D
RIP Whitney Houston :(
2012-02-12 @ 10:45:00
RIP Whitney Houston
9.08.1963 - 11.02. 2012

It's really sad that we live when talents and beauitful voices die....

I m so depressed coz I loved her voice! And I love still... She is legend of music... I can t understand why she destroyed her life of drugs and alkohol... She had reasons.. But why?!

Whitney, we ll remember you forever! God bless your soul.. And Thnak you for your wonderful music... Amen

Yyyyy... WEEKEND <3
2012-02-09 @ 20:28:15
Tomorrow's friday <3 My friday <3
Lovely friday <3 Nice friday <3

This week was so hard at school -.-
I need resting xd Like always xd haha Im sleeping whole my life :P :D

It s hot u know xD only -10*C outside xd

I got ear-ache :( I can t hear on my right ear.. Even i cannot eat :O Auuuuuuuuuuu :(

Ok not importnant...

Important is that tomorrow we r starting weekend ,right? <3

Salam my dear:* Nice time:)
And next week...
2012-02-05 @ 20:33:21
OMG! Tomorrow is our lovely Monday -.- Ugh!
Outside -cold
In school- cold.
In bus- cold.

I wanna stay on !
I can't wait for springer... ok ok.. for summer xD
I wanna July! After finally exam...

Tomorrow I have 7 lessons. I hope I will alive -.-
Today I had written essay on my private English and studied on bussiness studies.

Wish you good week and nice time :*
Kiss cya

In arabic : Salam
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