Can I tell something about me ?
2008-03-11 @ 19:08:07
I forgotten about this page and I didn't write her posts. Now, I'm 17 and I am learning in new school. There aren't great, but only ok. I think my English is better and better, because I have a super teacher now. She is realy good, but my school company is not as I wanted. Maybe I am worng, but I feel like that. Ok I must go, because I should learn English, I'll have exam tomorrow. See you...
2007-05-18 @ 17:01:36
HI, I'm so sad. My friend has me in her ... nose. She is stupid, realy stupid. I don't understand, how she could bemy friend. LOL... Maybe... I'm bad girl ?? I don't know, but I know - there is somethink wrong.
Hi :D
2007-05-16 @ 19:22:49
Hi :D Today is my good day. I had four lessons at school and I was at 1 o'clock at home :D This is my first Blog Post in English and I don't know, what I must write here. If there are errors, please, write me about it :) Thank you:* and See you...
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