^^Spring soon^^
2011-03-18 @ 17:37:56
Hello guyes!
I'd like to share with you my hapiness, which is caused for forthcoming spring :-) Are you sick of the winter ? I am, and shining sun is the best present for me now. Today the weather isn't very warm, and sunny, but soon everything'll change. On Monday will be spring! The real spring! Finnally... Ohh...
http://www.dotnetspider.com/attachments/forum/143897-380-19_10_13---Spring_web.jpgWhat is the best Monday should be a free day for all students from over the world ;-) Truant day, it will be our day! Don't forget to play truant xD

Heey, I agree with you 100000 per cent! spring rocks
Yeah, spring rulez! ;)
Jeydon Walle
Och yeea.!

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