2010-10-24 @ 14:26:34
Hi everyone!
Sorry for I haven't written for so long, but I didn't have enough time. My classes of English began in last week, my teacher is a native-speaker, and sometimes it's difficult to understand him :-) Apart from it, I had a lot of exams in school: English dictation or geography tests. Today is Sunday and finally I can rest !

I have to learn a vocabulary(about education, geneally speaking). And today I'd like to share my feelings about it with you. The most important for me is use as much words as I can. Let's start!


What does it mean? Education. I used an online-encyklopedia to explain this. Education is the process of teaching or learning in a school or college, or the knowledge that you get from this.
Yes, I think it's good definition. But we'll think about problems which involves education.
First of all, are schools really necessary in education? Or maybe the best way is home schooling. I think the biggest advantage home schooling is knowing with your kids. Parents would enjoy their children and watch how they grow and learn. It could get to know their children. And also schedule of learning would be adapt to personal abilities and interests. We could have a control which areas of the different subject we want to put more emphasis on.
In my opinion in spite of all advantages, it's not a good way learning for children. Most often you would be studying alone. In school apart from obvious things, we also learn interact with other people, kids and teachers. It's very important later in our adult's life, social life. Lack of human interaction is only one of the disadvantages home schooling, but in my opinion the most important.
And what about single sex schools ? What do you think about it? Some people think that girls and boys distract each other, and they schould learn in different, separate schools. But I think that they have a good influence on each other, and they can learn a lot of behaviour from each other.When you are a child is very important to have a contact with other children and also with against sex. In the future you will know how to behave in their presence.


Ok, now I have to finish. I'll try to write next weekend ;-)
Bye, bye ;*

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