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2010-10-09 @ 14:11:17
I want to admit that I didn't think at all about my next note. Until now I hadn't got any ideas, but I hope it'll change soon. Or maybe I'm going to write about all I contemplate, all I'm interested in ? I know that nobody reads my notes, but I don't care about it;-)


Today, I want to share my feelings about one of the rock's band. Recently all the time I have been listening only them: HappySad :-) I've never been a big fan of them or any other band, but I think they play very lively and emotional music. All of us need relax, and today we'll listen only good music;)

Next time we'll listen only music with english lyrics, but now...
This band was set up in 2001. They've just named happysad since 2002. Musicians played together earlier, and they named Happy Sad Generation. Before that they had named HCKF (Hard Core'owe Kółko Filozoficzne) ;-)
They've recorded four albums. First: "Wszystko jedno", second: "Podróże z i pod prąd", third: "Nieprzygoda", and the latest album names "Mów mi dobrze".

* Jakub "Quka" Kawalec – vocals, guitara, lyrics
* Łukasz "Pan Latawiec" Cegliński – guitar, vocals
* Artur "Artour" Telka – bass guitar
* Jarosław "Dubin" Dubiński – drumms
* Daniel Pomorski – trumpet

Lyrics of this songs are easy, original and in simple way often relay us a lof of important advices. The most often songs tell about love stories.

I have to finish now. I don't think that I'll be able to write sooner than on next Saturday. In this week I'm starting my lessons in English school. So I'll be very late at home.

I like happysad very much ! :] I prefer their older cds but 'mów mi dobrze' is great too

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