2007-02-18 @ 23:32:04
I am 34 and...
I think I am in a dead end. Since 4 weeks I have felt awful. I have made mistake and now I live under big stress. So big for me. I've lost somethink very important. I've lost smile. I can't enjoy weekday. How to find a force and motivation for work. I hate a place where I work but I have to bear it. Mayby it is a kind of test...
I have deeply confidence in some guardian
I am sure that She try to protect me ...
People say if you pour out all your problems, you will feel better but it doesn't work, why?
2007-01-16 @ 21:52:52
My daughter said me once that I don't need her.
She was angry because I didn't want to listen to her song.
I was tired and I dreamed only about bottle of cool bear and calm...
I was crushed by her words and I realized myself that I disappointed her. We live not for ourselves but for others and I try to keep this fact in front of my eyes.
2007-01-16 @ 21:10:47
I have hard talk with my boss this week. It have to prepare for it. Hmm but how... Many ideas are apppearing in my mind. Mayby so many... If I thing about one idea, I realize it is good, but not in the circumstances. Sometimes I think I expect too much... but from another hand I have to expect many in order to take responsible for people.
I should afraid of my ass but fuck it!
2007-01-10 @ 21:01:49
I'd like to go to New Zeland and Australia. It is my dream and I will do everything possible to realize it. I have 5 years for it. Frankly speaking it is irrational feelings... why New Zelang at this and not other country? It is a good question isn't it?
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