31.10.2010 - Sunday
2010-11-06 @ 11:22:00
I on Sunday overslept to church so I could longer sleep.Later when I ruined already breakfast , I went out from dog and ruined dinner , I went from Dominika on match of football.
When I came back nice surprise waited me in house because
he arrived from Spaniards my uncle.
30.10.2010 - Saturday
2010-11-06 @ 11:20:38
Saturday started as usually how every Saturday.When I got up
I ok. 11.00 , from bed , went out from dog soon on walk because he squealed still.When I came back from walk I had to clear quickly in house because I after noon had to go from Dominika and Łukasz to play in basket.Under evening went with parents on cemetery and when I came back I look at in television wrestlink. In end this my favourite programme.
29.10.2010 - Friday
2010-11-06 @ 11:18:58
We in school had class test from phisics today . I had emitted null leaf because I did not know anything.I after school was from Dominika and to inoculate at veterinary surgeon with our dogs it.On beginning Rambo and Aksel oneself they feared horibly but it went easily.I went from parents with evening to grandmother . It was super as usually.
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