Winter holidays!
2010-01-27 @ 07:29:47
In this year we have winter holidays very early,
so I am very happy. I am spending this time at home, because I want to relax. I am usually playing computer games, watching television or meeting with my friends. This is very good time!
'Snow attack'!
2010-01-10 @ 17:35:26
In last few days there are a lot of snow. Temperature is low, so there is very cold outside. We must 'fight' with snow around our house. This is very hard work!
Happy New Year!
2010-01-02 @ 21:49:10
I wish all people, whose are seeing this blog,
a lot of successes and health in 2010!
I hope, that this year will be better than previous.
About my other hobby - computer.
2009-10-03 @ 21:45:59
My other hobby is computer. I like playing computer games. I also like surfing in the Internet. I often looks for the latest news about computers. Sometimes I buys a magazines about computers.
About my biggest hobby.
2009-09-26 @ 17:57:45
My biggest hobby is F1. I like watching the races. At Saturdays I watch a qualifying session. At Sundays there is a race. I also usually watch a studio after the race, because there are some extra materials, like interviews or charts.
About Me.
2009-09-16 @ 19:32:28
I'm interested in F1. I like play computer games. Sometimes I rides a bike. I watching TV very often. My favourite means of transport are car and bus.
2009-09-16 @ 09:25:18
Hi everybody. My name is Andrzej. I'm from Poznań. I'm interested in computers. I create this blog for my Information Technology lessons.
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