about Nero
So, there's the time to introduce myself a bit.
I don't really know what I'm doing here. I'm not good with words, in fact, I have never been. Nothing in my life has ever been more difficult than expressing myself verbally. Let's try, though.
I'm a 27 years old male who builds trains and you can call me Nero. I take the pride in my job. I feel responsible. It does so much of good to me.
I'm also a cybergoth. Yeah, I belong to this rare subculture of people who wear tubular crins in their hair. And I'm not ashamed of being me. In fact, I'm quite proud. I shall not fear expressing myself, as long as I'm happy and don't hurt anyone.
The biggest dream of my life has always been to be a soldier. Well, I have even tried, but I got rejected - it has broken my heart, but life still goes on. Instead, I build electrical installations for trains. I'm still happy and proud of my job.
The reason why I cannot fulfill my dream is my health. I was born with MFS (diagnosed pretty late in my life, but the diagnosis has made everything clear to me), I'm also moderately hard of hearing - about 60 dB in my left ear and about 50 dB in my right ear. I don't use hearing aids at all since it's quite problematic for me to obtain them, so I have problems with communicating with other people, but I have learnt to deal with my life anyway. I'm pretty self-sufficient, I work, earn money, develop my interests, I'm happily in love with the most wonderful person ever and I breed two really cute kitties. I jokingly call them my daughters :3
Despite of my hearing loss, I'm in love with music. You can imagine how grateful I am for not being profoundly deaf! Sure I hear things differently than people with fully working ears, but I'm happy that I hear it at all. My favourite music is industrial of all possible kinds, including the variety of post-industrial genres. I'm particularly fond of aggrotech and powernoise and I'm also trying to make my own music within these two genres.
I'm an industrial dancer. Not very advanced yet, but I hope to improve in the future. Have you ever met a cyber boy who doesn't like to dance? :D
My interests are quite "atypical". I'm deeply fascinated with military number stations and everything that relates to it, with radiation (particularly ionising radiation ♡), I'm also a total science geek. I love sciences of a kinds. I also hold an interest in androids and other humanoid robots.
It's quite late here now, so I guess I'll stop here by now. Cheers!

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