I can't deal with his death.
2018-08-18 @ 16:17:34
So, this has just happened. One of my friends passed away aged 31. I still can't believe in it. I still keep waiting for a message from him. I still hope it's nothing else than a stupid dream that I will wake up from soon. But it doesn't happen. We can't expect to move on just after two months.
Even three weeks before his death I was talking with him. He told me everything's okay in his life. And then he died. It has left me shocked and unable to say a word. My friend was gone and never came back.
I feel bad for not being able to help him. But he was ill, and I was 1000 kilometres from him, if not more. I wish I could turn back time just to bring him back to life. I don't ask for more. Just give him back to me please.

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