Kubica Rulez
2006-09-10 @ 17:33:27
Finally we have a person about which we can loudly say 'he is polish'.
Robert Kubica - a man who means something in the big world is from Poland.
During his third race he managed to finish on a third place.
Maybe after his achievment polish government will finally decide to repair roads. During last holidays I was travelling a lot so I know that it look like a cheese.

Congratulations Robert for your attitude!

I admire you didn't give up and decided to follow your career.
I also will leave this country because I don't see my future here.
Everytime I turn on tv to watch news I get so angry hearing great ideas made in Parliament

It's ridiculous
2006-09-09 @ 19:01:09
Some days ago I heard an 'excellent' idea of our government. As they are planning to ban selling on Sundays they decided to organise a survey among the small-bissness runners.

I mean family-run shops. They were always against huge malls which took their clients.

Forbidding selling on sundays means to fire about 60.000 people.

Our government decided that if most of answers will be that family-run shops will employ those who lost their job they will forbid.

On the TV news flash on TVN they asked a man who was selling potatoes if he will employ a new person. He said with smile "Sure, why not".

It's sure that those people will lie so the survey doesn't make any sense and many people will lost their job.

What a dump people are in charge!
Why I have to live in this country?!

Broom sellers also will employ new workers
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