Wrong way beginnings..
2006-11-20 @ 21:27:11
One day, when Marco was going back home he saw a strange situation. About 300 metres from his flat there was a barbershop. It would be nothing special except the fact that the owner of the barbershop have just pulled over. It was brand new Lexus - a luxiorious car. No ordinary man can afford it. When he got out of the car a well dressed man come to him and kneeled down in front of him. Marco coudn`t hear what they were talking about. Suddenly the owner hit the man in the suit. Marco got scary. He run towards his home.

When he was eating a dinner with his old father he asked him about the barbershop owner. His father suddenly got nervous and jelled at him.
"Keep away from that man" shouted his father. "What`s going on?" asked Marco - "Why you got so nervous in a moment?".

"He is dangerous person. You shouldn`t talk and even walk near his place. He is a gangster. Just keep away from him. Do it for me and your mother" - said his father.

Marco was a good boy and didn`t want his parents to worry so he decided to listen to his father.

To the time...
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