Kubica Rulez
2006-09-10 @ 17:33:27
Finally we have a person about which we can loudly say 'he is polish'.
Robert Kubica - a man who means something in the big world is from Poland.
During his third race he managed to finish on a third place.
Maybe after his achievment polish government will finally decide to repair roads. During last holidays I was travelling a lot so I know that it look like a cheese.

Congratulations Robert for your attitude!

I admire you didn't give up and decided to follow your career.
I also will leave this country because I don't see my future here.
Everytime I turn on tv to watch news I get so angry hearing great ideas made in Parliament


Don't give up! The last thing we can do after the election is done is to work hard with eachother, smile very widly and tell to the world clearly and loudly: We are young, you may try to rule us, but we will grow up, our minds will develop and then you see how good and well-made the world can be. Beware, 'cause you'll be judged with no mercy then.

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