Wrong way beginnings..
2006-11-20 @ 21:27:11
One day, when Marco was going back home he saw a strange situation. About 300 metres from his flat there was a barbershop. It would be nothing special except the fact that the owner of the barbershop have just pulled over. It was brand new Lexus - a luxiorious car. No ordinary man can afford it. When he got out of the car a well dressed man come to him and kneeled down in front of him. Marco coudn`t hear what they were talking about. Suddenly the owner hit the man in the suit. Marco got scary. He run towards his home.

When he was eating a dinner with his old father he asked him about the barbershop owner. His father suddenly got nervous and jelled at him.
"Keep away from that man" shouted his father. "What`s going on?" asked Marco - "Why you got so nervous in a moment?".

"He is dangerous person. You shouldn`t talk and even walk near his place. He is a gangster. Just keep away from him. Do it for me and your mother" - said his father.

Marco was a good boy and didn`t want his parents to worry so he decided to listen to his father.

To the time...
The story
2006-10-06 @ 19:24:21
I've noticed that writing a made-up story is very trendy nowadays.
I decided to write my own :).

It's be titled 'Gangsta party'.


Marco was a usual boy from black estate. He tried his best to be a good boy. He wanted his parents to be pround of him. It wasn't easy for him to be a perfect son. He grew up in a neiboorhood where shooting and killing was everyday. When eating a breakfast with his parents he heard screaming and shoots just outside the window he didn't even responded. In black areas it was normal that somebody passed away. Black people shot at each other even if they just quarreled of pack of cigarettes. Guns were common. You could buy them at each corner from chineese gangsters. Marco was also black as his parents. They were very religious and they brought him up as good person. They wanted to move to richer estate but they couldn't affort. His father was a history teacher at local school. He didn't earn more. And so his mother. She was a janitor at the same school. They hardly made ends meet. Despite his hard situation they didn't steal and rob. They just wanted to be a good citizens.
Marco knew what is bad and what is good. He didn't talk to his peers. He always went straight home after lessons. He didn't go to school in which his parents worked. He was already attending high-school while his dad and mum worked at primary school. He had friends who were white. Because of that he ofter was a target of jokes and laugh.

end of introduction
Kubica Rulez
2006-09-10 @ 17:33:27
Finally we have a person about which we can loudly say 'he is polish'.
Robert Kubica - a man who means something in the big world is from Poland.
During his third race he managed to finish on a third place.
Maybe after his achievment polish government will finally decide to repair roads. During last holidays I was travelling a lot so I know that it look like a cheese.

Congratulations Robert for your attitude!

I admire you didn't give up and decided to follow your career.
I also will leave this country because I don't see my future here.
Everytime I turn on tv to watch news I get so angry hearing great ideas made in Parliament

It's ridiculous
2006-09-09 @ 19:01:09
Some days ago I heard an 'excellent' idea of our government. As they are planning to ban selling on Sundays they decided to organise a survey among the small-bissness runners.

I mean family-run shops. They were always against huge malls which took their clients.

Forbidding selling on sundays means to fire about 60.000 people.

Our government decided that if most of answers will be that family-run shops will employ those who lost their job they will forbid.

On the TV news flash on TVN they asked a man who was selling potatoes if he will employ a new person. He said with smile "Sure, why not".

It's sure that those people will lie so the survey doesn't make any sense and many people will lost their job.

What a dump people are in charge!
Why I have to live in this country?!

Broom sellers also will employ new workers
My new hobby
2006-08-20 @ 13:51:21
About a month ago I bought my first digital camera. I was so excited that I was taking picture of everything I saw.

Next to family pictures I began taking photos of still nature and landscapes. I saw that there are really nice (in my opinion :))

I really like taking photos of clouds. They are so beautiful.

My first picture I want to present you is called

"Corn Field"
"Corn Field", Almaro, Aug 2006

What do you think?
Horrible weekend
2006-05-02 @ 15:14:38
For last 4 days has been the longest weekend of the year. As the weather was nice for last 2 weeks last days were horrible. It was cold and rainy. I didn't rest at all. I had so many plans but none of them I was able to do.
Let's start
2006-04-24 @ 19:00:02
http://img174.imageshack.us/img174/1196/images2fm1.jpg Hello!

I will write about my experiences and opinions on current events. I often don't agree with politicians and famous people. I will be describing their moves. Good ones and that they shouldn't have done.
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