2008-06-23 @ 10:20:00
I don't know what could I doing now. The weather is great. I love when is hot but it's really too hot today. I have to go to the river or swimming pool. I'm so bored.......
2008-06-21 @ 22:40:04
I have got a problem. Please tell me how I would add some photos to my posts if I wanted to talk about different things and show them???
2008-06-21 @ 22:10:14
I don't have to tell anything about that:) Everybody loves holiday and it will be the best two months in this year. So I wish: HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!
The end of school
2008-06-19 @ 20:08:16
It was a horrible year at school. Thank heaven tomorrow it will be END.
Party today evening
2008-06-18 @ 11:06:13
I don't have to go to the shool today and I'm very happy because I will go to the hairdresser at 2 p.m. I love going to the hairdresser because I always fell self-confident after that. This evening will be great because I am going to go to the reunion
(komers). My class has got party in the restaurant so we could entertainment only to midnight.......
Come back
2008-06-17 @ 20:35:20
I know I promised that I will write there every day but I haven't got much time. I hope you understand me- school and school every day. I had to struggle for my marks but now I am free. I can't forward to holiday and I hope you agree me.
2008-06-12 @ 14:23:59
Hey everyone! I'd like to studying English so I have started very seriously learn new words and phrases. I'm going to write there every day so could you help if I had a problem with my grammar?
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