2012-04-16 @ 20:55:09
I would like to improve my English, so I'm looking for someone who wants to correspond with me only in English, on e-mail. I'm 18, and i love talking with people :-)
2012-04-15 @ 22:24:40
I love to eat and cooking is my passion. I'm very twisted person. I live on the run and in the chaos. I still looking for something becouse in my room, my bag is always disorder. I don't thing this is a defect. I'm just that kind of woman. but... in the kitchen, I do evrything precisely, careffuly. I'm looking for new tastes. I like cooking for people. I like prepering dinner for my family or boyfriend. I love culinary books. I love to bake cakes ! muffins, poppy-sead cake, apple pie.
I rest in the kitchen
and food is my great love, i'm greedy !
anti-pop culture
2012-04-14 @ 00:45:52
media constantly trying to show us something universal for the masses of people. Everyone is an individual so we can't accept everything what tv, radios serve. We should choose something interesting, valuable, oryginal, what is for us. I think that it's better to look for new trends,songs, artist than to follow all blindly. We should find something what fit for us.
do what you love
just be yourself
2012-04-12 @ 22:36:07
I dream of traveling. I close my eyes and I see places which I want to visit. Italy- Tuscany, Sicilia, Venice, Roma, beautiful monuments, narrow, romantic streets, delicious dishes(Italian pizza mmm) and people, living culture. and Paris. Quintessence of Love. Parisian chic, Eiffel Tower. What next?I would like to visit one of sandinavian country. Sweden? It seems to be beautiful and oryginal. In the end the Balkans. Albania or Croatia? Beautiful beaches that are not very popular. Fortunately.
I believe that i'll visit this country in the future. Thanks you for trip:)
what places would you like to visit?
2012-04-09 @ 16:53:51
i feel like the fattest person in the world, ok... meybe i'm not .... ;p but i have pangs of conscience because I ate a lots of delicious snacks, cakes, etc
what's about weather? very fickle lady!
2012-04-04 @ 20:22:21
My driving test is fast approaching, i'm little scared. I know, I will never be race car driver, after quite dangerous accident i will naver feel safe on the road. But... i hope that i will able to go alone to my boyfriend, friend, or to school
I want be independent from my parents, I don't want be to be like princes although this is sometimes pleasant
something about friends
2012-04-02 @ 19:47:22
it's not very easy to live in this world
who is your real friend? who just pretend? Sometimes this is so difficult to distinguish. I think this is a reason that I have small group of friend. I can count them on one hand.
This is very important to have someone you trust implicitly. With Friends Our live is happier and more valuable.
2012-03-27 @ 22:17:52
My mother is the most important person in my life and i can't imagine my life without my mother. I'm sorry when we argue, but we have identical characters.
I know, i'm so stubborn person but i can't yield... sometimes i'm like princess too, i know..., i will change myself, i promise ;p
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