Oh my...!
2012-10-23 @ 17:37:36
Long time ago... ;o How's possible? I dunno ;p
So tell me, how are you? What are you doing for life? ;p
I'm back!
2012-04-21 @ 16:12:33
Today I added - "British Anthem, God Save the Queen (with lyrics)" - I think that everyone who learns English should know it :)

I've got an idea :) Write in comments what do you want to know about English, I mean English Grammar, News or sth like that, etc. - I think It's a good idea. What do you think about my idea? Write your opinion about it, please :)
I hope you ennjoy it :)

Take care everyone! :) :* I'm sending a big kiss! :***
2012-03-31 @ 17:44:27
I'm sure that everybody has got a hobby. It could be different kind of activities, for example sport: running, riding a bike or maybe riding a horse, etc. . But hobby is not only activities, because listening to music or drawing can be your hobby, too. Many people like surfing on the Internet or just learning foreign languages. I think everything could be like a hobby.
I'll tell you something about my interests. So, I like sport: I played badminton, did karate, rode a horse, swam and I played football, yeah that's all. I enjoy listening to music, learning foreign languages and also writing a book. Maybe I'm not the best at this last option but I like it. I just want to do what I like doing. This is my hobby. Writing a book is the best way to show different people what do you feel, it's also for people who don't like telling about their problem (or just for people who are shy).
I usually write my book when I'm sad, happy or when I have to make a hard decision. It's very helpful. You can write there about everything what you want!
Ok, so I told you about my interests. Now, your turn! Tell me what's your hobby? And write why did you choose it.
I have to go.
Lv ya everyone!

PS. We shouldn't abandon our interests or plans!
2012-03-26 @ 16:56:14
Hi everyone! :)
Yesterday I watched a film. It was based on true story, about two young men. They are friends for each other, and they come from Germany. One of them wanted to find his father. Then they went to USA but they didn't find the father of young man. He passed away.
This film was great. I rly like it :)
What about your favourite film? :) Tell me something about it :)
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