2010-12-29 @ 17:30:44
Hello guys, it's me again.
I'm writing to you, because I have small problem.

I decided to start a blog, but I don't know how I could call it. I need one world, maybe Polish or English.
I like write, well it will be full of (at least in theory) one-shot text or maybe something little longer, maybe not for long multi- part story.
Well, guys, you have some proposals?

2010-12-29 @ 00:40:14
Well, hi.
I'm a new person in this... place, and I'm very nervous, because it is my first so much intercourse with the English language. Previously sometimes I talked (and still talking) with people in English from US or UK, but... I don't know, maybe... Well, when I see something go wrong, I escape.

OMG, you are understand me?
Please, just tell me "yes, we understand you", because this is very important to me.

Well, today I was with friends in the cinema. We watched movie about Narnia. You know this movie, really. And I'm really surprised, he was really good.

So, until next time.
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