2011-05-25 @ 11:44:42
I got up and I thought that it won't be a lovely day. Everyday I get up with a terrible migrene and hatred for the whole world. And parents try to start a conversation that eventually happens to be only one-way monolog with themselves. I did some press-ups to feel fresh and I was feeling so, only for a few minutes. I have to go to work and I wish it would be so startingly simple. I have to buy some staff and a birthday present for my boyfriend. Shopping - replacement cure for everything. Works only temporarily.
2011-05-17 @ 22:38:14
I just wanted to say that if it weren't for the greatest album I've ever heard - Joanna Newsom's Ys, I wouldn't be so passionate about English. She is truly an inspiration.
Still in Love with You
2011-05-14 @ 09:42:36
I was thinking about break ups and what happens with people who haven't seen each other for a long time and had strong feelings for each other.
The thing is that, even when both of you are in new relationships, your heart starts pounding faster when you see each other. And you cannot help the feeling of desire, that you want to bring back the lost contact and be just back in the days.
I am happy and in love but I started to have this strange thoughts about other men, about the things that I miss just because I am with an older guy.
And I suddenly strive to get the grasp of the passed moments from the past when I was developing myself with those people my age.
I desperately try to search for lost contact with my youth...
View from the outside...
2011-05-06 @ 09:37:52
Demigrating, demeaning, debasing.
Labile, libido, lewdness.
I lick, I suck, I grab with my hands.
Let's do this now, let's go some place
Where nobody's watching, nobody cares.

I was supposed to be patient.
And I am undressed.
I fell in with, I fell in without.
I fell impatiently now I'm inside.
Now I know that the drunken snake
Teased me to put the fruit inside.

2011-05-03 @ 15:35:23
Panoptic visions,
Disastrous collisions.
Fast asleep,
Wrinkled cheek.
My head's full of odds,
Contradictions bear crocks.
Once you open the box,
You cannot block the locks.

And once you think you can
Fall in love again,
It rains, it rains, it rains.
2011-05-01 @ 17:08:36
So we have the first day of May, and I already ate like 30 cookies. I've been trying to study Spanish, to write a claim letter, to read a book. All didn't work out. I started to feel sleepy.
I've been thinking about what I didn't do and what I avoid doing all my life. I want to make a progress, develope, improve my language skills. However, something is always more important than that.
People join various classes, they do sport, read interesting books and meet with fascinating people. I somehow failed. I feel unfulfiled. I feel that nothing more is ahead.
I hide myself in the cocoon and I can't find the way out.
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