in the springtime of his voodoo...
2011-04-20 @ 14:35:08
Bunnies, eggs, cleaning, baking.

I'm trying to seperate myself from this buzz. Thinking about May and all the things that we will be doing and where we will go. I can't wait until those A-level exams will be over and my students will pass them. Then I could firmly say that it's time for holliday-dilly-dally and shilly-shally.
...Especially that I'm supposed to figure out my MA-Thesis-Topic.
Tuesday disaster
2011-04-19 @ 09:31:39
I woke up at 7.39 and finished my translation.( yesterday I translated 6 pages - over 7000 words about panel fences, lock screws and other abstract stuff). Unfortunately, the potential employer turned out to be a cheat. I did a great job, though.
Anyhow, it's getting harder. My driving licence will have to wait and all the things I had planned...
Yesterday the girlfriend of my dearest brother dumped him after 3 years. This was really awful, however, better now than after 3 years of marriage, when you have a little sweet baby, deffenceless and guilt of nothing.
Sometimes I think I understand all this relationship struggles but other times I feel it is all down the drain. You promise, you do the right thing, you're the best friend, you love...and suddenly it doesn't mean a thing.
I hope my relationship won't end like that.
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