2011-03-24 @ 13:41:33
I like Thursdays. Especially when I leave my classroom. Teaching is so damn tough. However, the perspective of going to school at the weekend doesn't really excite me.
What a world that young person like me must study and work at the same time instead of buying multi packs of bear and spending party nights in the dormitories.
On the verge
2011-03-17 @ 20:02:04
The substantial thing is that, with every step I take, I find myself significantly changed.
Yesterday I thought - my career is frozen. I don't know what to do with myself. The dog was asleep at the switch in his 5-minute nap and hid itself in the kennel. Not to mention the fact that the clock of my body is ticking.
Today, the ceaselessy-set table has turned. It may be because of the cod or whale-liver oil that I constantly take - as my friend advised me to do once (he also said that I should eat tomatoes - that was supposed to improve my creativeness). Anyway, a woman my age is prone to changes. I think she needs a leader, an authority. The pattern. I don't fit to any of those that I have been imposed. I forgot about the French avant-garde movies and the way that make me feel to watch them. (Outstanding maybe). I forgot about my hobbies, the little things that inspired me. It is an inevitable cause of being with someone. When your relationship takes all your strength. You have one day off - you wanna meet with him. Other things are always in the background. And....the effects started to be overwhelming and unbearable.
Love is such a sweet poison. I forgot who I was.
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