Untranslatable words.
2011-02-25 @ 13:13:49

The feelings that I have for You
elusively flourish in each of my
Connecting our vessels and not letting
any of us forget about the first kiss.

I have run out of words to tell You
how much I adore You.
I truly say, You are my first.
I cannot believe how a Man like You
Could have possibly loved a child like me.
A child like me...
The Morning After
2011-02-24 @ 14:39:03
Smudge of blue and black. The sheet is swamped.
Do I really want this?
The furious flurry of opaque circumstances comes and weaves like weeds
in wherever I go.
I've been there before and it was terrible...
The tall grass, torrid sand beneath my feet stereed my reflex.
The shrilly sound from far away and the seabirds made me think about how fulmars must have craved for food.
The cloudy water full of dead fish and the presence of naked rocks filled me with sadness.
'What am I to do now?' - I said to myself.
Then the heat became unbareable, in spite of cool breeze from the sea.
I thought I saw blurred shapes of white topgallant sails far away but after some time the shapes changed their colour and turned into clouds.
I waited where you left me.
I tried to move on, forgetting what we had waited for but shadows were putting their tongues in my cheek.
Every step I took, was in vain.
I fell asleep restless.
I had been waking up, day after day unchanged.
Waves soothed my sunburnt feet and I was lying all afternoon with trembling heart...

No Perfect Stranger
2011-02-22 @ 18:17:16
What is the first thing that pops into my mind
When I'm looking on a white piece of paper?
...That I don't have such an imagination as I would like to have.

Clear my mind. There's a progress to follow
After silence at the bay of my distant thoughts.
I am dragging my sense of primacy among the tall.

My eyes became red bullets that break out the trees
and leave no leaves
for them to fall.

There will be no secret walks,
no secret glance, no calls.
Plough the fields of treason, of sadness
And the grass will remain unmowed.
In your heart there is dagger that pricks your chest everytime it pounds.
Sink or Swim
2011-02-21 @ 18:38:00
Wherever I turn
The red lights hit.
All things will burn
No leash to lead.
Cannot return, cannot forget
The things I said won't be reread.
Can I outrun this unseen line
That forces me to go that far?
Must I refuse by green enticed?
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